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The Mystery of Nevermore - C.S. Poe

I'm going 3 stars even though I don't know if that's how I really feel about it. 

Good lord, I don't know what to say, so I'm going to say everything and this will be a rambling incoherent mess. This will be spoilery. I mean everything that bothered me will be highlighted. Read at your own risk. 


First...I don't care if Poe themed murder mysteries have been done a bajillion times. I like them. Okay? 

I liked the writing style a lot. I know that some people complained about our MC, Sebastian, but I liked him okay...he was just...unhappy. 

Now, I'm not in any way trying to discount his feelings, hell, I'd be unhappy too. His BF is a douche...and I'm not trying to discount Neil's fears of being outed, but really? you're pissed that your live-in BF needed you as an alibi so he didn't get arrested for MURDER?

So yeah, he sucks...however, this does not make anything that happened with Calvin okay. Simply break up. Just ...break up.

And don't get me started on this first little "encounter" with Calvin and Sebastian.

Now, I know I'm just an old married woman, but do you really go from just speaking to someone in an official capacity -as in reporting a crime or being a SUSPECT-to getting a blow job without any...I don't know...flirting or...something?

And the use of "baby" just pulled me out of the story, more than if he had dropped to his knees without a word. 


I did really like Calvin, though. I thought he was a good guy. I know he had his issues too, but he was likable. I liked Max. I loved Pop. 


I will say as much as it was WTF at times, I kept reading, it never occurred to me to DNF or anything, and I saw there is another one and I reckon I will read it too. 


Because really, I did like the writing and I did like the murder mystery part. Was Sebastian a complete idiot? Yes. Yes he was. Just because your cop-lover dumped you doesn't mean you don't call the police when your house is broken into. I mean, I am fairly certain there are other police officers in New York. Call one of them.


So yeah, Sebastian--an idiot that makes bad choices...I mean, if you've solved a crime, you might want to , I don't know...alert the proper authorities instead of thinking you can handle shit on your own...but...again, I'll read the next one and maybe since I won't have to worry about the Bf, ex-bf, new bf, bad decisions because of ex-bf or new bf, then I can just enjoy the story. Hopefully.