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Black Hearts - Karina Halle

Just try to keep your mind intact, that's all. Don't let a few orgasms shield you from the truth about someone."

I scrunch up my nose. "Who said I was going to sleep with him?"
"Violet, you have a whole bunch of condoms in your bag and you already have that glow going on."


"And, sweetie, it's fine. I just know how easy it is to be charmed by someone."

"Other than Dad, you mean? Because you were high school sweet hearts."

She swallows. "Yes. But don't think other people haven't come and gone in my life. Everyone meets a silver-tongued serpent at some point."

 Silver-tongued serpent. I know the phrase is supposed to make me feel wary about Vincente but instead it only turns me on. I envision him licking the glass the other day and wonder what it would feel like to have him lick up the sides of my legs..."



that made me feel all icky inside...