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Radisq [Beyond the Veil 1] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove) - Toby Aden

So...this was bad. I debated whether I should even review because I can't be kind. I mean, nothing against the author, she seems like a sweet girl and of all her novels, this had the lowest rating so maybe it was just this one, but it was bad. I tried to look for something redeeming because I don't want to be cruel, but I could not really find anything redeeming in it. 

I did not like these characters. But more than just not liking them, I felt nothing,  I could not have cared any less about them. I can't even picture them to be honest. One has crazy long red hair...but I have no picture in my mind of them at all. Anything resembling descriptions that could result in some kind of connection being made were missing. We got random things here and there. Aaeren doesn't want some drink, not because he doesn't partake but because a strong mix isn't appealing...

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I want to know the characters I read about, I want to care about them. Telling me nothing, leaving them without personality and then throwing out random tidbits is not a strategy to get me to connect.


Radisq was an idiot. 


Neither one of them was fit for public. I mean, really, they had to be forcibly separated after their first sighting of each other for the humping and such, Aaeren tossed Radisq over his should at dinner and announces he's going to go "claim" him. At the next dinner, he tells everyone how glad he is they can hear Radisq moaning and stuff...

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I know, Ron, I know.


The very worst part about this was...nothing happened. Maybe if we had been invested in the characters, if they had personalities, we could have been anticipating things, but no. It was more, they see each other, decide to marry, marry, fuck, go on matingmoon,

we learn Aaeren's papa dies, have an introduction to Uncle Rasputin to which I say immediately "Him-he did it, he's the murderer" because no one is introduced in this book unless they serve a purpose. We never heard of this guy. 

(show spoiler)

And sorry but no way is clueless Radisq all the sudden going to notice something is suspicious. The guy had to look down to see what was stretching him when he was getting fucked. He had no clue he was knocked up--and sweet jesus I don't even want to think about that. 


So yeah...I'm sorry, but this did absolutely nothing for me. 

Thanks Julie for holding my hand