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Radisq [Beyond the Veil 1] (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove) - Toby Aden

"The kiss was tender, translating their unspoken feeling to each other..."


I don't know what book these mother-  these "princes" think they are in...but they tell their feelings...constantly...it's like a vomit of words with emotions attached.


"Mate. My beautiful mate."

"Yes, yours. Always yours."


"It's the first I'm hearing my name from you lips (that's right folks-"you lips"). I-it does things to me. Right here." Aaeren tapped his other hand against his chest. (and yes, this "always yours" quote came before Radisq ever said his name. )


"In the short time we have known each other (read: 2 days) I have come to care for you."


"But you are more beautiful to me, and with each day that passes, I find myself drawn to you and in awe of your personality."  (Of which, I myself have yet to see.)


"You amaze me."