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This Other Country - John  Wiltshire



Nikolas began to light a cigarette, hoping to distract Ben into an argument about him smoking, but Ben jiggled the frame-by-frame button to where the figure on screen began to turn and played the sequence again-frame by frame. Done like that, each tiny facial muscle evident, it was obvious to Nikolas what he was seeing. He wondered if Ben would see it, given he had only the visuals to go on and not he knowledge of what those smiles, the light in the eyes, the slight change of stance meant. Ben wound it back and played it again. Nikolas blew some smoke between them, waiting. Ben pursed his lips, tapping the remote on his wrist then leant back, very carefully studying both of them caught on eighty-four-inch high definition, declaring a love which in the the real world made no appearance int he day to day.




The writing...gah this might just be the best thing I've read in this series so far. I can't even explain it. Just so effin well done. My God.