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Dinner at Fiorello's - Rick R. Reed

I liked this. I liked the writing, how the restaurant and the food and the streets all seem to be characters themselves. You could see and hear and smell it all and I enjoyed that. I did like both of our characters. Henry is young. And it's obvious in most every thought and action. Don't get me wrong, I liked him, but he is just sweetly self-absorbed and did some batshit crazy things that only someone solely focused on themselves would do. Yet...I was still hurting for him, still rooting for him. His parents suck. Badly. 

Vito is rough too. I wanted to shake him. He wasn't kind. And I get it. His pain is tangible. And you get it, you really do, but damn it man. Painful. 

I think mostly I was just disappointed that we didn't get more. I want to live the stolen glances and the thoughts you can't reign in and those little interactions that add up to meaning-yes, I need him. I wanted to watch the falling in love, or the after...it was just missing for me. I will read more from this author.