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Conscious Decisions of the Heart (More Heat Than The Sun Book 2) - John  Wiltshire

Hi. I'm not really writing a review, just my impressions of things. 

The first book in this series did not work for me, but I had heard from many that the books get better-they were right. I did enjoy this one. There was a time in the beginning when Nik was getting the WTF eyes from me, but mostly I adore them. And Radulf. And Squeezy.

The thing about this series and this relationship is...I can't quite get a take on it, ya know? It doesn't follow any pattern, I can not anticipate what will happen or how the characters will react in most situations. I enjoy the intensity between Nik and Ben...and watching their interactions go as they deal with things from their past and present.

I am gonna keep on keeping on with this series.