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— feeling doubt
Hide and Seek: An All Cocks Story (All Cocks Stories Book 6) - Hope Vincent Flat Earth Editing, Jay Aheer, Robert T. Smith

Feeling doubt because "what-fuckin-ever" isn't an option



"I think that you have spent the entirety of your short life being ridiculed and shamed by the two people that should have loved you unconditionally.....Do you believe Dusty when he says he loves you?"

"What kind of question is that? Of course I believe him."

"So, if you think about that, the fact that you believe Dusty, why do you also believe your brother from your dream when he says Dusty is just using you?"

"I...wow, I didn't even think of it that way."

"It's okay, David, that's why I make the big bucks."

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No. WHAT THE FUCK NO! and he's a therapist?! NO. How about, that dream, though related to Dale, is more about David and his feelings of self-worth, and doesn't that tie into his upbringing and his bitch-ass mom? Yes. But also...How about it's NOT THAT FUCKING easy!!! You don't live your life being treated like that, only to have some horrible tragedy flip your whole world upside down and then have someone say, "now doesn't this make sense" and you be all....oh yeah, problem solved bro, thanks. Badly done Tristan.

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I'm not impressed.