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Deductions (Aberrant Magic Book 1) - Lyn Gala

I really adore Lyn Gala's books and the worlds and characters she creates, and I enjoyed this story, but there were things for me that were difficult in this. I think, or hope at least, that it has more to do with the fact that this is the first book. I like the premise of the magic users and the spirit guides and the shamans and all that, but at the same time, some of it was really hard for me to follow, I didn't get the gravity of the situations or feel the shock of things because I didn't know how the things related, I didn't really get what had happened or why it mattered until someone else explained it.  Which was okay in a way as we were discovering it with Darren, but it kind of just took a bit away from the story for me.


With the exception of Les, I'm undecided about the other side characters and members of this team. I guess we'll see. I was pretty suspicious of everyone in this, so that was probably a factor. Need a little more time with them to see how I feel.


Also, don't go into this thinking there is some love story here. There's not. There is a relationship, but the development is slow and there's not a whole lot happening in this one-there are two brief sex scenes, and a little "aw", but I'm hoping again that this is because its the first book and we will get more and deeper into that relationship in the next book. 

     I wasn't disappointed with the relationship development, I think, especially the dynamic and hurts and regrets there at the beginning were well done.

     "'You okay?' He touched Darren's shoulder, and Darren fought to ignore the gesture. Noticing the small tokens of affection hurt too much because they were usually followed by a hard retreat."



I am...again, hopeful for this next book...

     "Have you played power games in the bedroom?"

     "No, but I'm young enough to try new stuff."




     "Semen is magic."


Interested to see where the rest of this series goes and how things between Kavon and Darren develop!