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My Busboy - John Inman (Fi

4.5 stars

I am a big Inman fan, I can always count on him to pull me out of a funk and because I refuse to read blurbs, I never know what to expect from him. I could be laughing hysterically, or scared out of my mind.
This was more subtle than a lot of his other novels (for me), but exactly what I needed. It wasn't over the top on the humor or shenanigans, it didn't frighten me the way Willow Man and BotM did, but I still found myself giggling and smiling, and I also found myself with uncomfortable, the nervousness and dread snaking up my back a time or two.
I enjoyed the characters. I like that John's characters seem like people. People with flaws, people who can be bitchy or even a little vindictive-if only in their imaginations, but they are at heart, genuinely good people.
Robert was in a slump, a funk, a I'm-not-gonna-shower-what-day-is-it-when-did-I-last-eat-ew-I'm-starting-to-gross-myself-out funk. I liked him. A lot.
I'm not gonna talk about certain friends.
Dario was a sweetie and I liked him immediately.
This book threw me a curve ball or two...I was so certain I had it figured out!
Love Robert and Dario's moments together. The blissful, the comfortable, the "it should always be this way" moments.
*cough, cough* Will I see Stone again? Cuz I wanna.