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Fierce & Fabulous - Elizabeth Varlet


I'm struggling here honestly. 

I am a judgy bitch...and I hate that.

My first impression of Ansel...


God...Then...THEN that dance! And then...then the one that followed!


And I LOVE Fitch...I mean, he was fantastic and sweet and honest and adorable and so fucking patient I almost lost my ever-lovin' mind and slapped the fuck out of him. 

Because...Ansel...Ansel was not okay. Ansel's behavior was NOT okay and I was fucking disappointed in him.

Now...I know what you're going to say so just don't, Alright?

I get it. He even got it...eventually. And that's great, but it sure as fuck made him hard to like in the in between time.

Talk all you want of this little "family" he had built for himself, but he treated everyone like shit. Not just himself, everyone. The people that took care of him and watched out for him, even when he wouldn't let them. He let them all down, so many times. That was so painful to watch...so yes...this part...was very hard for me.

But then...it got better. SO so so much better. And I had tears and yes, I still wanted to kill a few folks

But I had happy tears...warm fuzzy tears...

and the sex was pretty hot. So I did like it and I was probably bothered by things that others won't be bothered by, so I would recommend it. 

Looking forward to the rest of the series!