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The Ice Princess - Camilla Läckberg, Steven T. Murray

This might get spoilery so read at your own risk.

I'm going 3 stars. It's not that it was bad, in fact there were a few things I did like, but it was missing that heart-thumping thing, that momo-is-rooting-for-the characters-and-totally-investing thing. In fact, a lot of these characters suck. Its hard to care when they such. 

I like that there were a few twist that I didn't see coming, there were admittedly some I definitely saw coming, but surprises are nice. 

I did get frustrated with the way the clues were unveiled. I get suspense. I get not letting the reader in on everything, but this was...frustrating. Clues are found, there's a gasp, a face-paling, but the clues did not unfold in a way that made me happy. I want to discover them with the characters, not be told after the fact when everyone else is being told. 

Is there no statute of limitations on murder here? 

And...are 8th graders 10 years old?

I wanted to just feel more for the characters. Most of them were unlikable, and perhaps I wasn't meant to like any of them, but I could have felt a deeper connection. They almost all seemed cold and flat. Even with their  backstories and issues...there was a lack of connection. 

Overall, worth the read, but I can't think of any one I would recommend it to.