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The Game Plan: A Neighbor from Hell - R.L. Mathewson

This was a little more meh for me unfortunately.

I love this series. It is ridiculous and predictable and over the top, but it usually makes me giggle and I end up just adoring everyone. And while I liked Danny...I was a little less impressed with Jodi. Was it me or was she CONSTANTLY licking her lips? Like twice a page, I was reaching for my damn Chapsitck!

Anyhoo. There were still moments where I giggled and enjoyed the frustration, but there were more times where it felt a little tedious and I was kind of irritated at Jodi. I wouldn't recommend this to a first timer of these stories, but I think if you've read the rest of the series its worth reading, not nearly as good as the rest, but still worth it. I will continue with the series and hope this was just an odd one out.