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The Unseen Tempest

The Unseen Tempest - John  Goode 4.5 stars
The cliffys are killing me.

Okay, I've had a few minutes to simmer down from the ending. Because you are friends, I'll tell you a secret. I didn't actually mind the ending. I know, I know, me~Queen of Cliffhanger Hating did not mind. I'm not done with the characters, I'm so glad that there will be more. I wish there was more, like...right now, but anyhoo.
I liked this story the best so far, it was crazy and I was tense, but it was so well though out and we got to meet so many fantastic characters and have our fairy tales turned on their heads, and honestly I loved it. Though I must say [SHOW SPOILER]
Always awesome to watch characters grow. John has a remarkable ability to make you love then hate, then love a person again. To show their side, their flaws, but still make them someone you would root for. Of course, he also creates those that I want to strike down dead! I think its a tricky thing to find a book that can make you laugh, stop your heart, make you swoon and then scream NO! all in the span of a few pages. Its quite a ride and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Molly and Ferra--awesome and can't wait to see more. Ater is hands down one of my favorite characters and I'm a little ...we'll say concerned with where his story is going. I love every page he's on.
Kane, of course is just the absolute best, funny, sarcastic, sweet. Adore him. I do wish there was a little more...idk...sweet-time with him and Hawk.
We learn more about each character, their past and there is still a lot to be explained.
Dying while waiting, so ...ya know...*holds hands out* next installment please!