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Naked - Todd Young 3 stars, 3.5, 4? Honestly, I went through so many stages while reading this, I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it. But when I woke up I was thinking about it (and I wasn't pissed off) so that means something.
I'm not really very articulate, but I'll try to explain, and let me go ahead and say, I didn't really get it until the end, but I guess you're not supposed to. That's how its written.
Oh...hard limit alert its not really graphic, but there is incest and gang rape, but of a retelling than you living through it, but its there.
At first, I was honestly like WTF, I thought it might be an exercise in how many times one author can use "cock and balls" in a sentence.
Then it was just kind of weird and I wasn't sure where it was going and I am truly a little disappointed in myself for what I had hoped would happen.
Then I was scared. Stomach clench-type scared. And kind of pissed off and I was feeling all of Leigh's emotions, which was mostly scared and pissed off, but still curious.
But when the story started unfolding, I was not only scared and pissed off, but horrified and sad...And then it was back to WTF, followed immediately by ..."awwww" and then I got the big smack in the face!
It ended on a high note.
It was so strange, I don't know that I would necessarily recommend it (but why not grab it? it was free!), but I would read more from this author.