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Tiger's Eye (A Stacy Justice Mystery Book Three)

Tiger's Eye (A Stacy Justice Mystery Book Three) - Barbra Annino 4 stars...this may have been the best so far.
We got a little more Chance and Stacey,

which I loved of course because seriously...Chance could not be more perfect for her.

"Chance waved a finger at me and said, 'You only want me for my tools, vixen.'
I pulled him through the threshold. 'That may be true, but not all your toos are tucked in your toolbox.'"

Oh! But what was with the whole turning him down thing?! I was like nooooo!

The adventures in this series are always good. Stacey is a great character and even though she gets herself into the most outrageous situations, she's still lovable and rather easy to relate to.
Glad we got to see a little of Cinnamon, after the first one, I totally missed her. And though all the stories and issues are personal for Stacey, this one hit really close to home and we got to see a different side of Stacy emerge. She's ready for more responsibility, ready to face the things she shied away from and do whatever it takes.
She's decided to finally learn to shoot a gun because she can no longer afford to pretend that her life and the lives of those she loves are not in danger.
"If there are two things I know about you, Cuz, it's that you wouldn't use that thing unless you absolutely had to. The other is that you may absolutely have to."

We get a glimpse into Lolly's life as well and finally get to see what has made her the way she is..

The cemetery scene was sad, too...and creepy...with a little funny mixed in--one of my favs.

I actually figured out who the "bad guys" were in this one, so Yay me!
I will of course continue with this series...Emerald Isle is up next!