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Northland - Cara Dee 4.5
I so super loved this! I enjoyed it a lot more than the first.
I wasn't Kyle's biggest fan in the first one, he was just kinda...ugh or something, but I just love and adore him.
I liked Justin, met him in the first one and he was just having a rough time and now he feels he is kind of stuck in a rut and searching for something more for him and his son.

I did not like Sarah. At all. I kinda wanted to slap the shit out of her. That stunt at the pool? WTF?

There is an MMF scene, or is it MFM and then the F gets ignored and stomps off? Whatever. I coulda done without that. I mean, I think I get it. Justin thinks if he's got a girl in there it'll get him close to Kyle without...him having to admit it. Or something. Anyhoo. It happens, I could have done without it, but I survived. The p-word is used....cringing. Moving on.
I love how Kyle handled everything with Justin.
I love how Kyle was with Logan, Justin's son, and how Justin was with Lani, Kyle's niece.
I also appreciated that there wasn't some big stupid misunderstanding that drove them apart or whatever, they had things happening in their lives, people that were depending on them, decisions to make and they needed to take those seriously.

So yeah, a coupla things in there that were "ugh" or flat out "ew", but overall, I really liked this one!