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Staking His Claim

Staking His Claim - Tessa Bailey 3, maybe 3.5 stars.
I have loved this series, love Tessa Bailey--she writes some truly HOT scenes! This, however just didn't quite live up to the other books, for me.
My biggest issue was well...the I like rough, controlling, spanking sex...ALWAYS

I want to be into it...but...nothing, no matter how well written gets me all warm and fuzzy about it. Don't misunderstand, I love an Alpha male, I don't mind a little control and spanking...but damn...after a while...I'm just like

Anyhoo...that's more me and my personal preferences, its nothing against the author or writing or anything.
I liked Lucy and I enjoyed her with Matt. I was totally into the whole thing,
and DAMN Matt,

Tessa Bailey writes some hot sex scenes and does well at building that sexual tension. I didn't feel it as much between Matt and Lucy, but I can't tell if that's because of the control stuff or this book just didn't have it for me.
Overall I would recommend and I will of course continue to read anything Tessa Bailey writes.