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First and First (Five Boroughs Book 3)

First and First (Five Boroughs Book 3) - Santino Hassell 4.5 stars
So I loved this. Maybe not as much as the second one, but it's up there. And while no one is as fantastic as Raymond, I ended up really liking Caleb, which was kind of amazing. Honestly, I think its quite a nod to Santino's talent that he can create these characters that I either don't like, or wish would get the fuck outta my way and then he turns them into these guys that I totally adore and root for and want to have the most happiness.

Oh, before I forget...Santino--Charles and Ashton need a book. Soon. Like nowish even.

Anyhoo. Wow, I was not a fan of Caleb's in the second one and as I told Teo even though David was a big fat cheater face, the fact that Caleb owned his shit, acknowledged how he pushed him away, didn't trust him or open himself up to him, well it just made him immensely more likable. And I thought he was a good guy. Other than fittin to flip out on the old cabbie dude, he seemed to really want the best for people, even when they had hurt him or things were awkward.

Best part of this book is the Skype session with Raymond...well, maybe not the best, but God it was fun to see him again.
"For example, Raymond would use--"
"Tough guy twinks with huge dicks," Oli suggested.
Raymond nodded. "Seems legit."
I highlight pretty much everything he says. I loves him.

There was some straight up hotness watching the video in the cab!

My god...

I did get sad a time or two, because damn you Oli and your bullshit!
"I'd rather share Oli than not have him at all."

"It was so romantic that it had to be a lie."

So, this did hurt my heart a time or two. I hate cheaters, and there is no cheating in this. There is some sharing, but not once our dudes are really together. Even though they aren't claiming to be together, but whatevs.

I really liked Aiden. I'm super interested in Jace. I love Charles...please a book, please?! I need more of Ashton to know how truly excited to be...there wasn't enough there for me to really form much of an opinion, but I know he could be great and that would be a hot book.

So, love this series, want more