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Nothing Like Paris

Nothing Like Paris - Amy Jo Cousins BR with Julie 3/23
Did you hear?
Phone sex and public sex

Unfortunately, this did not work for me.
I like this author, I really do. Five Dates was spectacular. Off Campus started fantastically fantastic (I loved the hell out of the first 70%--it did take a bad turn, but overall, I liked it.) But this...I feel like I enjoyed about 20% of this and had to trudge through the rest of it.
Even the sex could not save it for me. I did not find it hot. Not the public sex. Not the phone sex.

I know its hard to believe but its true.

I feel like a heavy portion of the book we have to listen to Mike just not liking Jack. And I get it, okay? He's kind of a selfish douchebag. But its not fun being in someone's head when they are constantly thinking badly about someone else. He had such negative thoughts. And I can handle a bit, but it was too much. I would have preferred much less of that. Jack was a jerk in his own right at times, but even when he managed to not be, Mike had to take the shine off of it. :(
There were some sweet moments in there. There were times when I "aw"ed or giggled...but mostly...I was bored or disinterested.

So, sadly this was just not for me.