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Jagged - Kristen Ashley 4 stars
I love Kristen Ashley. I love her books, I love her characters, I love her Alpha males and her kick ass girls, I love that even when the scenarios aren't always "realistic"--the emotions ALWAYS are.
We get to see some of our old favorites in Jagged and that's always fun. This one reminded me of Sweet Dreams...Reese was kinda Tate-esque (though NO ONE will ever be Tate!) and some of the situations seemed similar--I'm not complaining, just saying. It also reminded me of Tabby and Shy's story in that it didn't have the level of drama--car chases, kidnapping, dirty cops and serial killers--that we're used to, its a story about the characters. Ms. Ashley has the unique talent of writing what I think and how I think it, I was so totally into this. I wasn't sure about their relationship at times, but I felt Zara, felt her pain and longing, the insecurity and irrational anger and hurt. LOVE her. Would recommend and of course read anything and everything written by KA