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The Sidhe

The Sidhe - Charlotte Ashe 3.5 stars
A gift from my Santa Tara!!!

I'm kind of torn on how to rate this one honestly. I think I'm going with 3.5 stars. I did like it, but there were a few things that just took away from the story and times when I was making myself pick it back up.

There was too much sex. Some of the sex scenes were incredibly important for the story and the characters and the development of the relationship. Sehrys choosing to be with Brieden was very important and very sweet and at times a little heartbreaking. And there was often an urgency and desperation to their lovemaking because of the constant reminder of what little time they had left together, but this was also part of the problem for me. I was frustrated with the way the two carried on. I was frustrated that Brieden got no answers from Sehrys, because ultimately I felt it was incredibly selfish of Sehrys to not let Brieden know what lay ahead. And while I felt their affection for each other (Brieden fell in love with him on sight!), there seemed little real substance to it because they communicated so often just through the "intensity of sex" and while I get that, I would have preferred a little more conversation, a little more sharing, because while we get a little insight into what they are feeling and fearing, Sehrys doesn't share!

"Brieden disentangled his hand from Sehry's and wrapped his arm around Sehrys's waist. They rode in silence for most of the day. Neither could think of anything to say that wouldn't make everything hurt more."

Also...I get traveling was to take a while and this is where the relationship develops, but it felt like Brieden gets threatened/captured, Sehrys freaks out, shows the strength of his powers, they cling to each other making love and declaring their love for each other, Sehrys weeps, they hold hands. Lather, rinse, repeat. Maybe that isn't fair, but that's how it felt, almost like something got lost there in the middle, the plot, the plot got lost, I think.
The whole thing with Firae broke my heart and I wanted to stab Sehrys in the face. In my tags I put love triangle, but that's not really accurate.

I know it sounds like I'm bitching about everything, but there were a lot of things I did really like. I thought the beginning was well done, it moved quickly but I felt everything deeply.
"He didn't see Sehrys sneaking gazes of his own when Brieden's breathing evened into sleep. He didn't see him tracing the curve of his body, from shoulder to hip, with his eyes. He didn't see him falling asleep with a smile on his lips when he had finally stared so long that he could no longer keep his eyes open. And he did not realize that, for the first time in many, many years, Sehrys slept without fear."

There were a few surprises in there, not all of them happy, but things that held my interest. There is a HEA which I appreciated after everything I was put through!
Jaxis was a most welcome character, he was rude and crude but he injected some much needed humor and friendship into a really crappy situation.

"But only if you agree to go to the baths with me this afternoon. Heartbreak is awful, friend, but it's no excuse for allowing yourself to become an unfuckable mess."

I will read the next one because I found Tash to be an interesting character and I'm eager to see how all this plays out with Brissa as well.