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Player vs. Player

Player vs. Player - Amelia C. Gormley Interesting characters, though I was suspicious of everyone, but that's just my nature. I don't really know much about the topic, but I wanted to see where the story went and how things were resolved. I wish there hadn't been quite so much death and the hate mail..ugh...terrible.
I appreciate Rosie and Niles's dedication, but there were a few times when I felt I was being more than just lectured to.
I wish there had been a little more emotionally development in our romance. I don't mind when the romance isn't at the forefront of the novel, but *shrugs* it would have been nice to just feel a little bit deeper connection between the two.
I did like Niles, but I think Jordan really tagged him when he was talking about his being too trusting, and while I understood Niles being frustrated when people were being hurt and he felt that he just knew people well enough to know whether they were dangerous...that was...just the kind of naivete that makes me want to shake someone.
I liked that we get to see from other perspectives as well. Rosie, Tim, Jordan.
There was a lot to be bothered about in this book, so much hate and people that were just emotionally unhinged.
I would read more from this author.
Would recommend to fans of the genre.