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Crooked Tree Ranch

Crooked Tree Ranch - R.J. Scott 4 stars.
I used to say that cowboys weren't really my thing, but...well, that's a lie.
I love cowboys! And this one has three hot brothers!
I really liked that the side characters in this are so much more than just side characters, and I know there is another one coming out, so I'm super excited to see more of these people and Crooked Tree.
My Gabe

right? Sweet, hot...honest...love him!
I did want to slap the shit out of Henry, but at the same time...he did get a little "whoo hoo" from me at one point, so...idk.
Luke is only 17 and therefore doesn't get a pic...maybe next year!

More than a little rough around the edges. I did adore him. I felt the weight of responsibility that he carried and there is just something about honest, hardworking men that spend their days getting sweaty...yum...what was I talking about?
Nate, right. He's a good big brother and is doing his best but has his faults, he deals with the parts of the ranch he can handle...to a fault...things are starting to fall apart. The ranch needs hlep and soon.
In walks Jay (and family!)

Jay, laid off from his job and ugh...can I just say his ex was a true douchebag!
Anyhoo...Jay decides to take the job on Crooked Tree, uprooting his sister (who needed it), his niece (who resented it) and his nephew (who was cool with it) and has a not-so-stellar first meeting with Nate. But ignoring sexual tension when working with someone everyday isn't easy.
i love that this wasn't crazy drama...there is some family drama, some employee drama, and some my-ex-is a douche (for a few characters!) drama, but it really is pretty light.
Wasn't as hot as I would have liked, but I'm going to keep up with this series and this author.