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Tied to Trouble (Gamers)

Tied to Trouble (Gamers) - Megan Erickson This was ...okay...
Honestly, I wasn't feeling it the first like 41%
I don't really get insta-lust. I mean, with just a look and a bizarre conversation and then...a week later you can't get him out of your mind? I don't know, not saying it doesn't happen, but i couldn't relate and while they kept saying how badly they wanted each other, I just kind of didn't get it.
I liked Owen a lot. I really did, and my feelings got hurt for him in there a time or two. Or more.
And...it's not that I didn't like Chad...but man, I wanted to shake the fuck out of him. I mean. There was some depth to him, but he made dumbass and immature decisions which just ugh...I wanted to slap him. There was a hot moment or two...who knew I had a thing for bow-tie cock rings?
But more than that, there were some genuine sweet moments. I got a real glimpse of emotion and connection between them and that's what saved this book for me.I wish there had been more of these moments and I wish we could have explored the characters a little more, because there was substance in there, but we got mostly the superficial.
Also... the Peach Pit thing...not feeling it. And wasn't that the name of the place where Brandon worked on Beverly Hills 90210? Anyhoo...I didn't like the way Chad felt about his decision...and I saw that catastrophe coming a mile away
Not my favorite by this author, I will continue to read more of her work.