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The Ghost and The Graveyard

The Ghost and The Graveyard - Genevieve Jack 2, 2.5 stars

I wanted to like this, I really did...it started out so promising, and there were things about it I liked, but alas...too many things did not work for me.

1. Rick and Grateful...uh...I wasn't really seeing it, I mean, she dropped her panties or dropped to her knees any time she was around him, but I didn't feel it. And I'm not even entirely sure how I'm supposed to feel about Rick...I mean, most of the time I didn't trust him, though there were a few shots of "aww" in there, overall, I wasn't rooting for him. I mean, I liked the past lives aspect--so much potential there, but wasted unfortunately.

2. Logan and Grateful--I think Logan was sweet and Grateful treated him poorly. I don't like love triangles, but almost worst than that is this "I don't want you like that, but I'm not quite letting you go, either" thing. I mean... apart from the awkward sex so much could have been done with Logan--and I appreciated the reveal.

3. Grateful the idiot--Now she wasn't stupid the entire time and in fact I liked that she didn't let the guys pressure her into too much other than you know, becoming a witch and drinking blood but there were times when I was just like "WTF?"

Now this is first in a series so as Grateful gains her power and understanding and works out the kinks with these guys maybe it'll get better. It wasn't badly written and as I said earlier, there was a ton of potential with these characters, its almost like everything just fell a little short. It is a free read and I would not discourage anyone from reading it.