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Barely Undercover

Barely Undercover - Sarah Castille 2, 2.5 stars. I am seriously in the minority here on this one, tons of people loved it and I'm glad they did, it just didn't quite do it for me. I had a hard time with Lana honestly...at first I thought she was being kind of obstinate, then I thought she was just flat out stupid, and then she just kind of morphed into this girl that while I felt badly for, I didn't like.
I liked James well enough.
There was some definite hotness, even when maybe they should have been doing something else, like hiding from the people trying to kill them or whatever.
I liked the side characters as well, Ryder, Jackie, Tony, Kickstand.
Rex was what I like to call a "super villain"...and Levi...he was just beyond anything. I don't know, I like biker stories, I like cop stories, but this one just didn't really work for me.