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The Last Thing He Needs

The Last Thing He Needs - J.H. Knight 4 stars. I really enjoyed this, kinda loved it actually. It was rough, I mean there were times when I was like, "Damn...can these kids catch a frackin' break?" But I did really like it. Its always hard to see kids suffering and bad parents suck, but the relationship between Tommy and his brothers and sisters was great, especially Coleen. His worries were realistic, as were his rationalizations and his general outlook on life.
Bobby was great, (though annoying at first), he was sweet and trying so hard and was such a just good guy. He saw how hard Tommy worked and how much he loved his siblings and he not only helped where he could, but showed appreciation for Tommy.
"I'm not a betting man, but if I were, I'd put every dime on you and those kids."
I love Judy! She was fantastic!

"It's like someone threw Pollyanna, Mary Sunshine, and Mussolini into a blender and it spit your mother out."
The Ending: the way everything wrapped up so neatly at the very end simultaneously thrilled me and made me say "eehhh, maybe not." I don't know. I'm not entirely sure I would have been satisfied with any ending. Of course I wanted the HEA, and of course I wanted the kids to be happy and do well...but...idk.
Would recommend and I am looking forward to reading more from this author.