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Hook, Line, & Sinker (Hard Hats Book 2)

Hook, Line, & Sinker (Hard Hats Book 2) - Piper Vaughn 2.5 stars
God...I'm not even going to defend myself here. I'm disappointed alright?
The first 19% was kinda like this

not pissed, though and not exactly bored, more like waiting...more like "let's get to it"
and then we did and I was a mixture of


And there was phone sex...god I love phone sex.
I liked the guys and I wanted them together. But then...oh God...but then it pissed me off.
I mean...and I took Blake's side! Why the hell did he have to apologize? He didn't do anything wrong! And Cas...did Cas really not understand? He honestly didn't get it? He has the audacity to be all bump and grindy and he didn't think his boyfriend would mind? WTF?!
So...yeah, ruined...because not only was that fucking ridiculous but you blamed the wrong fucking character and I'm mad now. Ugh...I guess overall its not bad, but man, I'm knocking off stars for pissing me off, so I don't know...maybe I'll bump it up when I'm no longer livid.

I will say I hope Riley and Gavin's story is next...and that it doesn't piss me off.