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Shannon's Law (Passion Patrol Series - Hot Cops. Hot Crime. Hot Romance)

Shannon's Law (Passion Patrol Series - Hot Cops. Hot Crime. Hot Romance) - Emma Calin 3 stars, I think. I am kind of divided right down the middle with this book.
There were things that drove me absolutely nuts:
1. The sex scenes for me were rather cringe-worthy--awkward dialogue, weird wording--"clitoral cum waves" (I almost gagged), yeah...I just didn't consider it hot.
2. The wording in general, the whole accents, the slang...there were times I was picturing Eliza Doolittle and times when I was just kinda like "huh?"
3. The insta-love and over-the-top sappiness...probably fine for most people, I'm not really a sweet words and pet names kind of girl, so I wasn't loving that.

Having said that, there were things I really appreciated.
1. I liked the characters, Spencer was a little dry for me, but I liked Shannon, she had good instincts, she was comfortable with herself and knew who she was and didn't cower under any circumstances. She was bright and funny and had a good heart. Well done. Ben, I wish he had been a bigger part of the story, but his insights were very important. The other characters were developed enough that they weren't just props and page fillers, they had an actual connection with the other characters and a purpose withing the story.
2. Crime-solving, I liked this part, I wish it had been more of the book and the romance had been secondary. There were a few surprises in there for me, and I always appreciate it when I don't have everything figured out in the first few pages.
Overall, I liked it.