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Sweet Home

Sweet Home - Tillie Cole Had to DNF...just couldn't handle the...any of it really. I wanted to like it. I've read another novel by Tillie Cole--Eternally North--and I five star loved it! so not liking this...hurt me.
The dialogue bothered me...I am a southern girl, not 'Bama southern so I get its different, but damn the "accents" killed me.
Also...I didn't find Romeo's Alpha stuff attractive. His possessiveness...was...like red-flag worrisome. I did appreciate his crappy situation and his need to hold onto Molly, I did and I'm glad he found her, really! But...uh...I do not find it romantic or hot for a man to growl "you can never leave me!"....I'm sorry...that's like...uh...bothersome.
The first sex scene had me cringing...yeah, no panty-dripping hotness, I was cringing and almost...pissed off at our dear Romeo.
There were hot moments and there were sweet moments and this book had a ton of potential and perhaps it got better, I made it to 64%...I think it was the parents that finally did me in.

That whole "who could love a stone in their shoe?" thing which happens to be really close to the "who could love a pebble in their shoe?" from Ever After was just like...I can't do it.
I do feel badly, I know tons of people loved this and I'm glad and honestly, if you haven't read
[bc:Eternally North|17878717|Eternally North (Eternally North, #1)|Tillie Cole|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1367522613s/17878717.jpg|25036559] Go do so.. NOW! Seriously, fantastically fantastic.
Romeo and Juliet is my least favorite read and maybe the constant reminder of that damn story soured this a bit too.
Overall, this story was a miss, but the author is awesome so I would read others.