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Warring Hearts: A Military Erotic Romance

Warring Hearts: A Military Erotic Romance - Laura Day 1.5 stars? I don't know. There was a lot of potential. I mean, tons of it, but the execution was lacking.
The first issue and biggest is the writing style. Present tense, flipping back and forth between characters' inner dialogue which sounded...odd at the very least.
Becca's inner dialogue:
"Fuck! We are just getting started and I'm already working up to an orgasm. John is definitely learning how to push my buttons."

"I like John and he seems to embody all the qualities I like. He's quiet, confident, and caring. Most of all, he's stable. While he is no hunk, he is not a bad-looking guy and he's better looking than a lot of guys I've gone out with. But this is a working relationship and I shouldn't feel this type of pull. First, I need to find Ian. Then, I can think about something other than a working relationship with Mr. John Malcolm."

See? Just odd to have to read their thoughts so blatantly like that, It could have been presented in a much different way and I would have liked it better.

Having said that, the characters themselves were likable enough. Becca is searching for her brother, Ian. (now I will say in addition to the many MANY other things wrong with her family, they did not seem the least bit concerned that her brother was missing. And for having a son in the military they did not seem to know jack shit about the military...guess they were too busy stripping and throwing their swinger parties to learn anything about the life of their child.)
John was likable as well, although he said he "quit" the marines, which one does not do but whatever. He is a marine that tried his hand at other things and ended up opening a PI firm. I liked that he didn't particularly care for the jobs he was taking, the way he felt about the sneaking and the cheating spouses made him more likable, unfortunately, I felt the same way about his inner dialogue as I did about Becca's. So much about a character can be revealed in so many other ways than just taking up paragraph after paragraph of italicized "thoughts".

But I digress. The sex scenes...this is where Becca was least likable. I mean, she just had her fourth orgasm for pete's sake, why does she get to scream at him "don't stop! don't stop until I come"....I felt badly for poor John. I mean, in the end, he did give her that 5th orgasm so yay him!

Why? Why 5 orgasms?! Oh! and let's not go there with the condom thing.

Anyhoo...the story took some strange twists, you know with the whole strippers and party boat thing.

Like I said, I feel it had a lot of potential, but the writing style left something to be desired.