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Mnevermind 3: Life is Awesome

Life is Awesome - Jordan Castillo Price "The difference between false memories and true ones is the same as for jewels: it is always the false ones that look the most real, the most brilliant."
--Salvador Dali

*I don't spoil anything if you have read the first two novels, but I put a lot of quotes, so if you don't want to know anything about the book--stop reading*!

I loved this series, I wish it were longer, though I must admit I think it ended perfectly.
The series is really centered around Daniel. And while there is a romance going on (and I so completely adore Elijah!) this is more about Daniel and his life and relationships.
His relationship with his father is beautiful and honest and can be pretty damn heartbreaking.
Every day Daniel has to tell his father Big Dan the truth about his wife. This is painful for them both. [SHOW SPOILER]
In this one however, things are a bit different. We get to see more of what Big Dan remembers and how he feels and what he wants.
"Maybe if I woke up somewhere that wasn't the room Jeannie designed, a different space, a different bed, maybe then I wouldn't need all those reminders. Maybe the difference would be reminder enough." These are the conversations that drove me to tears.
Daniel is a phenomenal character. He has flaws and owns up to them and there are even points in this story where he doubts his objectivity about his mother, which I found interesting. Of course, he still had an opinion of her.
"You'd think I would be biased, but even I had to admit she'd aged remarkably well. Either she was bathing in the blood of sacrificed virgins, or she had a decaying portrait stashed under her mattress. Or maybe it was just Botox. But I was partial to the virgin idea. "

This novel centers much more on trying to figure out what went wrong with Life is Awesome. But there is a surprise in there that I didn't really see coming, maybe I should have, I don't know.
Elijah was as....different as ever. I really liked him. Daniel brought up the Spectrum a lot in this novel. It seemed to weigh on Daniel as he started to really look at this thing between the two of them. He was unable to rely on "reading" Elijah as he would someone else.
"Larry's eyes flicked over to mine, so briefly that no one else would've caught it unless they'd been looking for it specifically, but that brief flash of excitement was as gleeful as a high five, a bro-fist, and a chest bump all in one. It plucked at my heartstrings that I couldn't communicate with Elijah that way. I hoped it was just a matter of learning his language, and that someday I'd achieve at least a passing fluency."
I kind of enjoyed that he couldn't read him because it forced him to just be honest and say exactly what he was thinking or what he meant.
"Will you stay with me tonight?"
"So we can sherpa first thing in the morning?"
"No. So I can wake up with you beside me."

Some of the scenes with Elijah really tripped me out in this one, even though they were kind of frustrating too. [SHOW SPOILER]
"I craned my neck and saw more porn on the pillow, and more at the foot of the bed, men banging each other from every conceivable angle. Fuel for a marathon lube-handed jerkoff session? Nope, research."

and even while it seemed things were falling apart and Elijah was stressing over [SHOW SPOILER] and Daniel was stressing over [SHOW SPOILER] JCP still threw in a few lines that tickled the hell out of me.

Larry was there again...really do love him. His Simply Happy mneme was tear-worthy.
The ending was perfect.