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Let It Be (A Sometimes Never novella)

Let It Be (A Sometimes Never novella) - Cheryl McIntyre, Dawn Decker Man, I am so bummed. I love Guy and he is a significant character and his book is so short and we are totally cheated out of all the beautiful parts of his story. All of McIntyre's books in this series (though I did skip the 4th) are pretty serious, bad things happen or have happened, these kids have issues. I'm okay with that. But the other books balance it all out better, we get to watch the characters fall in love and interact with their friends and yes, we watch them fall apart as well.
This was sad. Sad and the little flashbacks of moments were not enough. I wanted to watch Ian and Guy meet and stumble awkwardly around each other and fall in love and become serious and then start falling apart. :(
I love that there were alternating POV, and the writing is good, its always good. And I don't mind the idea of having Guy telling these little stories while he's sitting at Ian's hospital bed, hoping he'll wake up, but it just wasn't what I wanted
Then ending felt rushed, not that I wanted a detailed account of the recovery. But it just seemed like, oh yeah, things are easy and perfect right now.
Mostly I just think that it was too short. If it had been longer than the "bed side" story wouldn't have bothered me, because I would have had more time after he got out of the hospital. Or if we got to really watch them meet and fall in love Now, I reckon I have missed a thing or two because I didn't read number 4 and I know this ties in a bit, but No one knew Ian was more than Guy's roommate, he wouldn't go out in public with him, so I don' think I missed too much of that part.
So yeah...just kind of bummed that their story was so short and missing the euphoria of falling in love.