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Born Wild: Black Knights Inc.

Born Wild: Black Knights Inc. - Julie Ann Walker 4 stars
So I super loved this! The tension between Bill and Eve had been building for a few books now and so I was really looking forward to it and it did not disappoint. I love Eve's character. She is funny and honest and shy and yet...still very strong, and more than the taking self defense classes, defensive driving courses, and taking charge of her life, she owns her mistakes, she stands up even when it's hard and says, I did this, and I LOVE that about her.
Bill is hotness, I missed some of the "aloofness" he showed in the other books, but love him and being in his head was fantastic. Hot and sexy and heartbroken--he's my favorite after Oz--and where, oh where was Oz this book!? I missed him terribly!
Will definitely continue this series and would recommend it.