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Loving Jay

Loving Jay - Renae Kaye 4 solid stars
Mostly, I adored this. I loved being privy to Liam's inner ramblings and I LOVED Jay..I could see him and hear him and he was hilarious. And sweet. And dramatic. And adorable.
The way they met was cute and there were just a thousand sweet moments.
I felt for Liam, I really did...his dad was kind of an old-school type idiot. His brothers--fabulous! Gotta love a family that loves without conditions and genuinely wants happiness for each other.
Jay's family was crazy--that dinner tickled me.
I like that while Liam was working it all out, he didn't push Jay away.

I did have some...issues? I'm not quite sure how to word it but it just seemed like...at times..the whole idea of what gay was or meant was...I can't explain...crap...like maybe there were stereotypes that were in Liam's head or his concerns seemed...ugh...more from an ignorant stand point? I don't know how to say it...there were just a few times in there when I would read something and do the head-tilt-eyebrow-raise.
Overall, I did enjoy.