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From Don To Dom (Unfinished Liaisons Series)

From Don To Dom (Unfinished Liaisons Series) - Naaju Rorrete I picked this up as a freebie for a challenge because BDSM is not really my thing. The BDSM in here was really very light. A little spanking, little bondage, nothing more, so that worked for me.
I like the whole mafia aspect of it, though I was a little confused about a few tings, like the previous "relationship" between Giancarlo and Rodrigo...they knew each other from before, but didn't? I don't know. Anyhoo, I appreciate a menage story when done where there isn't cheating or jealousy or unfairness, so this again was good on that.
I think this being so short I didn't get too much into the characters and how they felt, but I liked the general idea of it. Though I would have killed Claudio., the author is apparently much nicer than I am.
I honestly didn't like our guy at first...I think it was because the first like four people he mentioned he seemed to be sleeping with, but once I got over that, he was okay.