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Worth the Fall

Worth the Fall - Claudia Connor This was okay, didn't love it, didn't hate it...there were some really stellar moments in there, and shit that drove me nuts.
Matt was perfect. Like perfectly perfect. Too perfect, maybe? But still adorable and really likable.
Abby...I understand her issues, I get it totally and if I had four kids, I would be really hesitant to let someone in, ya know? But although its like she said she was hesitant, she really wasn't.
What in the holy insta-love?!
Matt's mom...this might possibly have been the most offensive part of the whole thing. Her insistence that she loves her son and wants him to have "a family of his own" as if marrying a woman that already has children would make them less his, less his family, that's just...ugh. I wanted to vomit and no amount of groveling would ever make me like that woman. I lost all respect for her and pretty much wish she had been killed off.
I liked Matt's family--except his bitch of a mother--his brothers and sisters and he was a family oriented guy which is adorable of course.
He was sweet and he really tried with Abby and the kids, doing his best in each situation.
The drama felt...well, its not that it was unnecessary , I mean, Abby had a shit ton of issues, she didn't want to want him or need him or believe him so I got it, but...*shrugs* I just didn't enjoy that part.
The thing with Teddy...it wasn't strong enough...not compelling enough in my opinion. I do love some military men, though so I can overlook that.
Why even add the line that from behind you couldn't even tell she was pregnant? That lowered the whole love and admiration thing for me. Whatever.
The characters are likable, the kids are part of the story and not just props. There are some emotional scenes in there. They fell in love a little fast for me. Really fast.
Overall it was cute and sweet and a fairly quick read.