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All Played Out: A Rusk University Novel

All Played Out: A Rusk University Novel - Cora Carmack 3.5 stars

This was cute.
I like Cora Carmack's stuff. It's quick and usually rather predictable, but I don't mind because I typically like her characters and she always has really good friendships included as well. This seemed to be a lot more focused on the steam aspect rather than an actual relationship development. You can tell they like each other and are attracted obviously, and maybe its just that whole "in the beginning can't keep your hands off each other" thing, but there were only just a few moments where I felt like they were actually sharing with each other. It's not super insta-love, but it happens rather quickly.
There were some elements in there that I liked, and I did really like Nell and even though Teo kind of comes across as just a hornball most of the time, I thought he was kinda sweet. Overall, I just didn't feel like there was a very big emotional connection, but its a super cute read. I will pick up more from this author, and I'm hoping to get to Stella's story soon.