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Quinn I: Undaunted Men Series

Quinn I: Undaunted Men Series - J.C. Cliff, Sommer Stein, K.D. Robichaux, Soni Gillette I'll type this slowly and hope it has the same effect as speaking slowly would.

I have added this to my ~momo-stay-away shelf. I would really appreciate it if it could REMAIN on the ~momo-stay-away shelf, as I want to remember that I DO NOT want to read this book. Does that make sense? Because in three weeks when I have forgotten the author and the title of this book, if I hear it mentioned or see it on a rec, I want to be able to check my shelves and say "Ah-ha! I have already made a decision about this book! I don't want to read it!"

I am not reviewing the book, okay? *nods head slowly in a coaxing manner*
I am not even rating this book, alright? *continues to nod and give an encouraging smile*

I simply want to remember that I am under no circumstances to pay for this book, nor do I want to spend my time on this book. I could even put a note in here to remind myself what happened to the last reviewer that spent time reading and reviewing this book. That would help me remember why, wouldn't it?!

My ~momo-stay-away shelf is a quick reference so I can recall how I feel and not have to rehash anything.
It's much like by want-to-read shelf...if I have marked a book "want-to-read"...I want to *gasp* read it! *claps hands*

Awesome! The purpose of my shelves is to help organize my books and my thoughts! If I want to read a holiday book, I can simply look at my holiday shelf! Wonderful!

So, again, this is NOT a review. I know because I haven't read the book. You'll also notice this book does not have a rating from me. Are you following me? This is a note so that everyone can understand that I love my shelves! Touching or changing my shelves is not acceptable.

Everyone understand?
And I wish you all happy reading as I have no doubt this review will be flagged and as I am on thin ice, I will be deleted.