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Wicked Beat

Wicked Beat - Olivia Cunning Eric...how I love you! I was so excited for this, bittersweet as it is. I've been waiting for Eric's story since the first bath tub scene in Backstage Pass. I always adored his humor and enjoyed his relationship with Jace. Eric has had a rough life and handles it by being goofy and seemingly immature, but the truth is he's brilliant and sweet and incredibly loyal.
I'll be honest...there were times that I didn't love Rebekah. I mean, I totally got her wanting Trey, who doesn't? But the thing with Isaac made me want to smack the crap out of her and I was yelling at my Nook telling her that she wasn't good enough for my Eric. But truthfully, they were so completely what the other one needed. She gave him a family and affection, and he loved her and made her feel wanted.
I wish we would have gotten a little more of the rest of the band, this being the last one, I didn't want it to end! I'll have to reread Double Time now ;) The sex scenes--and God there were A LOT of them, were hot! And while they may not have been the hottest of all the books (except for the mutual masturbation on the tour bus--wow! they were definitely the most FUN! Eric's sense of humor is fantastic and Reb complimented him beautifully. I was laughing out loud so many times.
And while I didn't like Isaac--the scene in the bathroom was HILARIOUS--the whole forgive me, I'm about to sin and then hitting his knees and Trey thinking he was going to start praying--LMAO. Anyways, Reb's mom is a whack-a-do, that was so...uncomfortable...not like evil person trying to get between them to get her way, but like disturbingly uncomfortable.

Love this book, love the series (so sad its over), can't wait to read what Olivia comes up with next.