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Everything for Us

Everything for Us - M. Leighton 4 stars. If you've read Down to You and Up to Me, then this is a must-read. I will be completely honest and tell you I did not find this as compelling as the first two and Nash is not the kind of character you instantly fall in love with, but as I ultimately did enjoy the story, I feel it deserves the four stars. This isn't exactly spoiler-esque but if you haven't read the first two, please stop! and if you haven't read the blurb--again, STOP!

This picks up where the last one ended, right after Marissa's kidnapping. Marissa is now an interesting character...I think we all pretty much hated her previously.

Marissa's growth as a character was very well written, I think. Thanks to the dual point of views, we get to see her internal struggles, her hopes, the things that break her heart, her fear that she isn't strong enough but her determination to be better.


Nash...Lord, I don't know where to start with him. First...he is nothing like his brother. And to be honest, I didn't so much care for him for a good...probably third of the book, but ultimately...he did make me swoon, so, you know, all is forgiven. I will say, some of his dialogue and actions are a little uncomfortable.

There is quite a bit happening in this one: Cash and Nash want revenge, they are each dealing with personal issues, Marissa is working on herself and coming to some painful realizations about who she was and what people thought of her and how her father really feels about her, we get to see some of Cash and Olivia together, which is nice because we love them, but I almost felt like Olivia didn't so much seem like Olivia anymore. :(

There is some serious steam in this book...and some serious...I don't know, Nash is a different beast in the bedroom, I don't even know how to explain it.
"He rubs my fingertips back and forth across his bottom lip, leaving a streak of moisture there. I catch my breath when his tongue sneaks out to taste it. 'God, you taste good,' he groans before he sucks my fingers into his mouth." Yeah... I gave you the tamest example I could find. Cheers!

So, while it did take me a while to get into Nash, and I was disappointed with some of the dialogue and the fact that I almost didn't recognize Olivia, there were so many things I loved about this story.
Marissa--thank God she is not some pathetic little creature (much like she was in the first two). A good strong character, she had my sympathy and I felt every stab of pain she did with her realizations and her fears and her heart break. She wanted so much to be able to give to someone and everyone. LOVED her! I know some people feel like she shouldn't have allowed Nash to do and say the things he did, but...IDK, I was okay with it.
While Nash's inner dialogue got repetitive at times he's angry-we understand!, every once in a while he would say something that tickled me.
"she knows I'm not the guy of guy she needs to be involved with. For God's sake, I told her I'm a killer and she gave me a blowjob." He may not have meant that to be funny, but it tickled me just the same.
I love that this was NOT a cliffhanger, I don't think I could have survived it! This story is about more than just Nash and Marissa; it's about Nash and Cash, Marissa finding herself, Nash finding himself, putting the past to rest and finding a way to move on.