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Strange Angels

Strange Angels - Lili St. Crow, Lilith Saintcrow So, not really my kinda thing apparently. I don't want to write a bad review because the book wasn't bad, it simply wasn't for me. I did take issue with a few things.
1. Dru was really...unlikable, like DNF-worthy unlikable. She was condescending and sarcastic and self-important and seemed to think that because of who/what she was and knew that everyone else around her wasn't worth anything. This is an issue. I'm taking a star off for her attitude and for calling Graves a "half-breed"(--before he was bitten by the werewolf), I do not appreciate that term. At. All.
2. Teenagers are hard to write. YA is difficult for me because its hard to write an authentic youngster that isn't so self-absorbed and ridiculous that I actually care what happens to them. The fighting over the keys made me want to collectively smack the youth of the world.
3. From what I see of the next few there is a love triangle thing that will happen. I think this is such a sad thing, but I didn't take off for it in this one, because it isn't really present in this one, but I won't continue because I know its coming.

However, for the paranormal telling of a girl that has lost so much of her family and feels very alone and her navigating through this new threat with Graves and Christophe, okay, it wasn't bad. Not the most original story but *shrugs* that's okay.
The best part of the story was Graves. What an adorable and sweet and fantastic kid.
Overall its 2.5 for me. I wouldn't discourage anyone from reading it but there isn't anyone I could specifically recommend it to either.