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Eternal Rider

Eternal Rider - Larissa Ione I liked this...maybe not as much as other of Ione's novels, but I liked it. I think the story and characters are well developed, unfortunately I haven't completed the Demonica series which I believe goes before this one, I'm not sure how much difference it makes.
While I enjoy these types of stories, I also have a little issue with them, between prophecies and rules and betrayals and the many layers of things, sometimes when it comes to the explanations...I get a little...well, bored, honestly. Maybe not bored, but there's just so much to know, which again, maybe if I read the other series related to this one and I already knew some things then I'd feel differently.
I liked the characters. I liked how even though Reseph turned into one hell of an evil bastard, part of me was rooting for him to get his life back. Thanatos and his absolutes. I'm curious to see what happens with Li, too. I will be reading the next one.
Cara was a good character as well. Strong. I liked her.
Will read more from this series and author.