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Sempre (Forever, #1)

Sempre (Forever, #1) - J.M. Darhower 3 stars...I liked this, I really did...but man, I just didn't love it like everyone else, which kinda bummed me out. Honestly, I think the characters were very well thought out and well developed and I enjoyed them--there were times when they got on my nerves, but that's what real people are like, too!
I liked the story, the secrets, the evil, the guilt, anger, pain, fear...liked it all!
Carmine...was a douche...but man, I super loved him by the end, and Dom...hell, even Vincent (and maybe Nicholas, too)

If I loved all of this, why 3 stars? Things were so drawn out, and I know the author wanted depth, but there were times when I just felt like I had been reading for a really long time and hadn't gained that much...I mean there was always something sweet or disturbing that I picked up...but as far as moving the story forward, it just took a little too long for my taste. Also, I like my romantic characters a wee bit older than high school aged.

Overall I would recommend and I would read more from this author.