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Beautiful Broken Rules

Beautiful Broken Rules - Kimberly Lauren 2 stars. I hate that I have to give this such a low rating and I know I'm in the minority here, but I gotta be honest.
I'll start with what I did like
Our author decided not to go the whole doe-eyed virgin route (good for you!)
The secondary characters were useful and fun
Jax and Jace are hot (motorcycle, football, tattoos and twins, come on!)
Jax ruined his brother's eggs just so Em could have onions

What didn't work for me...I may get spoilery and I'll try not to rant
****Before I start, though, let me say that this story is not poorly written, it may be the age and maturity level of the characters that really did me in, not the "story" itself****
Let's see...what didn't work...oh right, our main character: Emerson. Now, while I applaud our author for not giving us the innocent virgin and I actually applaud her for giving us a character that is somewhat self aware, is it too much to ask for a character that has some self respect? Its hard, really hard to like a character that doesn't like herself. Claim all you want that you are just having fun and this is what you want, but then you call yourself a slut and no one that does what they want creates rules like this--that's a cop out.
I had quite a few face-palming, eye rolling, oh-my-god-how-did-these-kids-get-so-stupid moments.
Em fucked up...a lot...I was having a really hard time figuring out why Jax bothered. I mean, I was shouting at him to run the other direction. Part of that for me was maybe that I didn't feel their deep connection, when he said she was his best friend, I was like "really? Huh, when did that happen?" Anyhoo, Jax had quite a few reactions that I didn't understand. I think you gotta be careful when you go Alpha, if not done right, you get a possessive asshole who comes across a little unstable.
The appearance of Audry (was that her name?) Uh...in a word: bizarre
Em and her disbelief that Jax wouldn't take her back...and while I did feel a little bad that she embarrassed herself, mostly I felt like, is she fucking insane...how stupid can one girl get? How many times does she push him away and disappear with some dude before he can call it quits? And her whole "oh, he loves me, he'll forgive me." I kinda wanted to puke.
Jax, why oh why did you take her back?
I don't think she's undeserving because I think she's some slut who doesn't value herself, I just think she really needed to grow up. Really.
WHy did everyone get pissed at Jax like he did something wrong? I mean...I got a little disappointed in my secondary characters. Not that they should have been mad at Em, cuz I don't think that either, but Jax? Really?
Having said all of this, if there were another book by this author, a book about Jace...I would totally read it because he was a great character and I think this author has talent. Overall it just wasn't for me.