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Working It

Working It - Kendall Ryan 2 stars.
I am a Kendall Ryan fan, I have read most of her books, I like her writing and characters, I will read more from her.
This, however, did NOT work for me.

1. Ben he started out promising enough, but then just kind of flattened out. Honestly, other than the fact that he's a "gorgeous model", I didn't see why Emmy so so wrapped up in him. And then it just got worse. He's dishonest. The thing with Fiona, I just wanted to shout at him to grow a fucking pair. I mean, really? His decision was to stay loyal to the nasty woman that treated the woman- he claimed to love-like shit and was constantly trying to sleep with him. I won't even get into the pregnancy thing. I thought they had all lost their damn minds.
2. Emmy She too started out promising and then turned into...well...a door mat. I mean, I guess I get the insecurity that comes along with "dating" a model and being surrounded by fashion people, but for the love of all that is holy, don't let people walk all over you and if you can't take it (and I wouldn't be able to) maybe you should do something else. I mean, what the fuck is it with letting Fiona say whatever the fuck she wants, Ben pushes her around, and when he blatantly lies and cheats (lets just call it what it is!) she stays with him. She like whimpers and whines when he says he doesn't do relationships and it just keeps being "let me have you"...ON HIS TERMS.
I'm ranting, aren't I...sorry.
Oh! and the damn threesome...what in the actual fuck was that about? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for them...in the right way...but this was like...awkward and uncomfortable and not hot...and while that may have been the author's intention as it was kind of a point where Ben decides he doesn't want to share...I was just feeling kinda icky about it.

Overall, the writing style is good, the storyline-fine...but this was just not my kind of story...the characters weren't people I could relate to, I guess.