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The Current Between Us

The Current Between Us - Kindle Alexander Yikes...I don't know...
This isn't my first Kindle Alexander novel, and I've really enjoyed the others I've read...this just totally missed the mark for me.
I will continue to read from this author.
I think my biggest issue was Gage...I couldn't...I couldn't picture him, I couldn't get a read on his character really, one minute he's all hard as nails, whip cracking asshole "get it done" boss, then he's all cheesy come on lines and walking hard ons, then its cloak and dagger "journalism" stuff, then "he's got a fine ass, I must be in love, he's the only one for me"....I was...confused by him to say the least.
Yet another book with almost Stepford-perfect behaved children...
I appreciate what the author was trying to do,and I enjoy books with children and families because that's life and you get some truly fantastic moments... but...Gage just...killed it for me really. I didn't feel him at all, I couldn't relate at all, and I wanted him to stop talking.
and I completely lost it at 76%...I was expecting a WTF moment, but...what I got was more like a

followed by a
which was truly unfortunate.
I still love Kindle Alexander and will read more from her. I'm glad so many people enjoyed this book, it just didn't particularly work for me.