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Beautiful Oblivion

Beautiful Oblivion - Jamie McGuire Okay...I've thought it over.
*Spoilery* I'm really gonna try to remember the spoiler tags, but I may rant, so read at your own risk.
2.5...if that, I am reluctant to take off a whole star because Trent was completely worth all the stars in the sky and we got to see a glimpse of Travis and Abbi and I enjoyed that.
But Cami was an absolutely awful character! I didn't like her. She is NOT likable. I mean...I don't know if her I-don't-give-a-fuck attitude was supposed to be charming or some kind of "whoo-hoo!" to women that aren't doe-eyed Mary Janes, but I basically just wanted to slap the shit out of her.
She was bad to T.J., she was bad to Trent, hell, she was bad to her best friend Raegan (who had some issues of her own, but damn!) She was just all around bad. Ugh...
Cheating is like a hard limit for me, and while maybe you won't consider most of what she did cheating, I did. She was carrying on two different relationships. I kind of wanted to vomit.
She was right that she was selfish, I'm glad she recognized it and every time she was beating herself up, I was nodding, "yup girl, you suck, I hope both T.J. and Trenton run far far away."
Okay, I didn't like Cami, you get it. Even Raegan was catching pieces of my wrath...I mean really? I don't know if its the age thing, it may be. After a while, I stopped reading things about college-aged kids because their decisions gave me homicidal thoughts and I refuse to believe I was ever that stupid...
Trenton--love you doll, you are too sweet and Cami so completely did not deserve you. Olive may have been a little prop-ish, but I got over that and it was sweet. Trent was yes, hot and tattooed and a Maddox boy so he knew how to fight, but he was sweet and protective and caring and I just adored him.
Now...the big secret...the big reveal...

Yeah, I did not see that shit coming. At all. but I gotta be honest, I went from shocked to absolutely pissed in about 3.5 seconds and it made star-sucking-Cami even MORE unlikable, (My initial response was okay, lets just give it one star! )which I really didn't think was possible, but yup...still pisses me off to think about it.
Oh! And why is it that these girls make these decisions and then bitch at the guys and then the guys are apologizing and calling themselves "pieces of shit" and begging for forgiveness? I mean that is just beyond me. Half the time they didn't even do anything wrong and the girls are being psychotic and not apologizing at all! Ugh...
Look, I love Jamie McGuire, I adored Beautiful Disaster and I will read about the other Maddox brothers if she gives them to us, but this one was just ruined by Cami.