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Promises - Marie Sexton 5 stars...LOVED it...I mean ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! Why did I wait so long to read this?! I read one of the others of this series and enjoyed it, but this was way better IMO.
The characters--Fantastic!
Jared-- is great! Very realistic, likable character. Living in a teeny tiny town, running a sorta auto parts store with his brother and sister-in-law, he is lonely, but settled into his routine of riding his bike, watching football and not dating or involved with anyone but Cole--who we meet again in Strawberries for Dessert-and he's fabulous!

Tall, dark, handsome, a cop and the most wonderful "manipulative bastard" ever! :) New to the area, Jared is the first person he meets. They become instant friends.
Their friendship is a strong one, they spend a lot of time together, even though Matt has to put up with homophobic officers at the precinct and his father.
As they get closer, their feelings change, but Matt is "straight" and Jared doesn't want to ruin their friendship. There are several complications in the form of girlfriends, relationships of convenience, abusive ex-husbands, and texting while driving.
I found the dialogue to be spot on, entertaining and clever. I enjoyed the characters, especially the side characters, Lizzy--our dear sister-in-law--adore her! The story was sweet and realistic and hot and heartbreaking and I loved every second of it and I'm sad its over so soon. Would definitely recommend to anyone and everyone that reads M/M and I will of course read more from this author and series.